Midwest Graduate Music Consortium, 2016 Graduate Student Conference
4-5 March 2016
The University of Chicago – Chicago, IL

The 20th annual meeting of the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium (MGMC) will be held at the University of Chicago on 4-5 April 2016. MGMC is a joint venture organized by graduate students from the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Northwestern University that encourages the presentation of original research and the composition of new music by graduate and advanced undergraduate students.

We invite composers currently engaged in graduate or advanced undergraduate study to submit scores for MGMC’s new music concert that will take place as part of the 2016 conference program. Selected composers will be strongly encouraged to be in attendance.

Scores and recordings must be submitted electronically and must adhere to the following submission guidelines.

This year we are pleased to welcome Latitude 49 ( as the MGMC’s ensemble-in-residence. Compositions may be for solo instrument subsets of up to six players drawn from Latitude 49’s instrumentation: violin, cello, clarinet (B-flat, E-flat, A, and bass), saxophone (SATB), percussion and piano.  Percussion setup may consist of traditional orchestral and mallet percussion (click here for full list of percussion instruments)

Works involving performers and electronics will also be considered. Electronics parts should be thoroughly notated and the setup should be described at the front of the score. Composers who choose to include electronics should provide any necessary interface/computers/setups required, and be on hand at all rehearsals and performances to ensure an optimal performance. Additionally, any unconventional notation or techniques should be explained in the score’s performance notes. Extended techniques and preparations on piano are permitted, as long as the preparations can be set-up/torn-down very easily and don’t require a huge time constraint.

Compositions should not exceed 12 minutes in duration.

Submission of mp3 recordings of acoustic works are recommended, but not required. Quality electronic renderings of works without recordings are also accepted. Recordings of works that include electronics are required.

Each composer applicant may submit up to two works. However, the concert will feature no more than one work by a single applicant.

Scores and recordings must exclude the applicant’s name or any other identifying information. Compositions will be judged anonymously.

A cover email stating the applicant’s name, affiliation, email address and phone number should accompany all score submissions. Application should include the cover e-mail (or PDF), anonymous score PDF, and a link to a downloadable MP3 to Please do not attach MP3 files to submission e-mails.

Compositions will be judged for clarity of presentation, artistic merit, and performance practicality.

The deadline for submissions is December 18, 2015 at 11:59pm CST. Submissions will be evaluated anonymously, and applicants will be informed of the evaluation committee’s decision by January 15, 2016.